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I shall give you July, for a gift. Does literature have some other goals except to ill our lives with pleasure and beauty?

Zoran Slavic (Author of MY EUROPIAN PART OF THE WORLD, illustrated edition)

The haiku form, 5, can therefore be extended in Western haiku even to much longer form without jeopardizing the idea of haiku itself. We cannot live outside of time, but time exists without us.

Working in a classroom is always an improvisation. Haiku is improvisation. I might imagine that I am the dean of the University of the Universe, yes, I can imagine that, and I can improvise my whole life. After all, Alexandria was not without good reason the name of a cosmopolitan city — it had ties with the cosmos. Do we have those ties too? So what has haiku taught me? Important things can be said in just a few words.

It is never inished, never quite expressed, never closed.

Zoran Oklopcic

Although just a part of a longer poem, these lines could also make a haiku. And this haiku is already perfect.

Much more than documents.

Haiku should always be perfect. Haiku is nearly everything. But haiku also enriches my life and makes sense of my life. Nothing else! For me haiku is not just poetry but the experience in the soul not of the soul. Haiku is, as claimed before, a picture or photograph, an anti-poetry indeed, a heretic poetry, so to speak. Why is haiku, however, so popular in the West? People do not have time to read much and haiku is short.

The other reason is probably that anyone can write haiku. Haiku is somehow connected with nature and human nature and the season. The same happens when we write a classical letter. It is not my task to interpret haiku one way or another. I know from my own experience that haiku happens or does not happen. But haiku can also come to us as the nightmare, repeating itself in one form or another.

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It can be a dialogue or a thought — as I feel now in a cold Norwegian winter that everything I touch is in itself so cold. When I have to say something about or on haiku literature I basically feel stuck but do not know why. Theory and practice are two diferent pairs of shoes. Therefore is time always young though we get old and the proof for this is that new generations are coming and giving something new and fresh to their time.

So time is timeless and haiku is too. Sparrow Autumn Daily Yomiuri On-Line, March 19, 8. Frogpond XXV: 3, October this is my irst published haiku. Haiku Kalendar, Croatia, Ludbreg, Haiku No. Albatross, Romania, , No.

Thematic Novelty in the Poetry of Antun Branko Šimic

Paper Wasp 12 1 , Sydney, Australia. Haiku Canada Newsletter Vol. XIX, February ; No. Albatross, Romania, No. XIX, Nr. Compton, USA, September Sea Shells, Haiku anthology, Romania, Frogpond, USA, Moonset, USA, October Haiku Canada Anthology, Zilvervisje glimt, Haiku in Gent, , Belgium. His work has been translated into English and various dialects of Saami. If, by Ashanti Anderson. Pity the Nation, by Wang Ping. In this issue of WLT , a special section devoted to Post-Soviet Literature features recent work from Russia and other former republics, twenty years after the collapse of the regime.

Neil Hilborn - "OCD" (Rustbelt 2013)

Skip to main content. Renew your Online Subscription. You're logged in. Manage Online Subscription. Home Magazine November Poetry. Askold Bazhanov. Naomi Caffee. The Geese The geese bid farewell to the tundra with heavy-hearted cries. October Morning October morning, fresh and light, the sun crumbled into sparkles, the birch nuzzles up to the dawn with its cheek, having sensed autumn close by.

December In the polar night you can hear the voice of worlds yet unknown! Translations from the Russian By Naomi Caffee. Editorial note: These translations were first published alongside their Russian originals in the bilingual collection Stikhi i poemy o saamskom krae Verses and poems on the Saami land , ed.

Reprinted by permission of the translator.