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Portland cement is made of limestone and day.

Il grande libro delle lettere e dei numeri. 4-6 anni

One gallon of neat's foot oil mixed with four ounces of lampblack makes a good bar ness oil. I'liny tells us P. When strawberry plants are set in rows three feet apart and a foot apart in the rows it requires 1 1,. Oue good farmer says that he purchases in the summer bis mill feed for his stock w hen it is cheaper than it is in the winter. Charred corn is one of the best things w inch can be fed to hens to make them lay It must not be fed as a regular diet but in limited quantities each day.

There is no probability that milking eithe heifer or cow before she calves will do he any harm, while neglecting or objecting to do it may do serious injury. Gay, West Dedham, Mass , bar vested from one and one-half acres of land the past autumn seventy bushels of winte rye, and sold y,! X pounds of straw. A simple and effective remedy for lice on cattle is to give them a thorough dusting over with wood ashes every other day, brush ing them clean the following day. To heavily feed a cow of small milkin capacity is very toor economy. Kich food will produce good results when feil to cow that give large quanties of rich milk.

White primroses are crown iu irreat nuan tities by the ilorists, being made td serve as background lor colored flowers. The are mixed with violets for funeral pieces.

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It is said by careful men that it is tl most profitable to grow for beef tlio. In Holland the preservation of th woo woric oi uraworntgefl, Muices, gates and other works is conducted Sy the application of a mixture of pitch and tar. It is estimated that there are 1,, acres cultivated in jute each year In India, employing 1, STA persons in it culture.. During the comparative leisure of the winter the prudent gardener will take care to get in readiness all tools needed lor use in the field; a little forethought now will save hurry and loss of time iu the busy season of the year.

Twelve years after the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth theru was not a plow in the vicinity of Boston, and the farmers broke up the land with hoes or other hand implements.

Timothy the Cornfield Mouse: Volume 1 (The Chronicles of Timothy the Field Mouse)

In 1C37 there were but thirty -eeven plows in the whole State, and at a later period it was the custom for one owning a plough to do nearly If not all the plowing for a town. The town often paid. The exportation of American live hogs to Germany has been found very profitable. About 'ZU per cent, of the bogs die on the voyage. The excessive dry summer and autumn of last year combined with the fact that now the ground has so far been covered with enow, will no doubt add greatly to the fertility of the soil, and, other things being favorably, we may reasonably expect good crops.

Two Australian fleeces of wool and two American fleeces were scoured last summer.

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The Australian scoured four and a half pounds and the American eight and a half pounds. A very simple remedy and said to be effective to rid canary birds of mites is to place a clean white cloth over the cage at night. The vermin leave the bird and gather upon the cloth. They are very small, red, and scarcely discernible with the naked eye. To utilize the feathers of ducks, chickens and turkeys, generally thrown aside as re.

The moisture in which one krnd of seed would flourish would be destructive to an ther class, causing them to rot instead of forcing growth. The heat necessary to start one class of seeds would dry up and utterly destroy the gum of another class. The ap plication of rules requires a mixture of common sense and observation.

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A iiuantity of flour was exposed by a French experimenter to a pressure of tons, reducing it to one-fourth its original bulk. A portion of it was then placed in cans and sealed, the same being done with some unpressed Hour.

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A year afterward the cans were opened, when the unpressed flour was found to be spoiled," while the pressed was in excellent preservation. Too many fanners manifest a degree of contempt for the smaller products of the arm. As a consequence, there is often a lack of vegetables on such farms. Tobacco stalks should be saved, but should not be allowed to dry before being covered up with manure or muck.

Before ing covered it is best to cut them into short pieces, then put a layer of much or manure on the ground about six inches thick, then a layer of stalks about the same thickness, continuing this method until all the stalks are used. They will soon begin to ferment and rot, and the result will be that from an acre of tobacco you will get a cord of the best kind of manure. A correspondent hands us the following method of preparing sugar for feeding bees: To four quarts of white sugar add one quart of boiling water; heat over a brisk fire, stir ring all the time, until it boils about five minutes.

Remove from the fire and et the dish in a basin of cold water, and stir brisk ly until it begins to get white and creamy. Now pour on plates and let the sugar cool in large cakes. If it does not crystalize by stirring, there is too much water in it, and you will have to put it back on the stove and boil for a few minutes again. When you have got vour cakes of cool, hard candy, put them on the frames over the bees. American Cultivator.

The chief value of salt applied to land as manure is in its action as a solvent, thus rendering other plant food available, though t supplies plants with soda and chlorine.

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All plants that require soda or alkali are benefited by it, if applied with judgment. Wheat contains both soda and potash as well as chlorine the latter and sodium arc constituents of salt. Salt that has been used for brine possesses value for fertilizing purposes. It should be applied to wheat sufficiently early in the spring to get the beneht of wet weather, and at the rate of three to six bushels per acre. Ten bushels are sometimes sown. Squashes are of tropical oriein, and.

Again, as they make a very rapid growth. It is best to manure In the hill. Jn sowing place dozen seeds in each hill, and when danger from the bugs Is over pull up all but three or four. A mellow, warm soil is the best For bush sorts make hills three or four feet apart, and for running kinds twice that dis tance.

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  • All winter squashes should be ripened thoroughly or they are watery, lack ing sweetness and richness, also lacking keeping properties. Jefferson City, Jan. A mother met four of her sons wearing the striped suits as convicts within its walls Their names and crimes, as recorded on the Penitentiary rolls, are: James Oreen wade aged thirty years; ten years for robbery; re reived November 30 last.

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    Luther Oreen wade, aged twenty-six: seven years for rob bery and larceny. Breckenndge Green wade, aired twenty-five; seven years for rob berv and larceny. Henry Orecnwade, aged twenty; ten years for robbery and larceny received day before yesterday; all from Bates County. The younge brothers followed soon after, and the fou lived together on the place, the oldest being married. Neighbors looked upon them as people of means, and respectuble. For two or three years all sorts of devilment was per pctrated in and about Butler.

    At length suspicion cen tcred on the Mrccnwades, ana they were watched by officer and citizens, and at last caught "dead to rights. Con viction was easy, und they were landed in the Penitentiary. At the time stated, the mother, hearing her sons were in trouble Misted in haste to Bates County, only to lean i that they hud all been coi victed of rrlnies and taken to tl Htate Prison.

    With her daugliter-ip law and the latter s two children she reachei Jefferson City to day, and at once proceeded to the Penitentiary.