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It is designed to show you how to achieve your goals and improve your life by focusing on: improving your relationships, improving your spiritual life, re-defining your goals, improving your talents and skills, improving your financial situation, identifying the steps needed to make your dreams a reality, getting more focused and organized, and finally to live life with passion. Picking the right goals can generate more passion in your life, but you need to take the right steps to ensure you achieve them.

Author Onyx Jones, formerly a homeless single mother and now a successful entrepreneur, shares seven easy steps to set goals and make them a reality.

The Unofficial Guide to Achieving Your Goals By Onyx Jones

Using this workbook, you can learn how to. This guide also recommends finding a goals partner, because you can achieve so much more when someone is sharing their love, support, and encouragement as you seek to live the life you want. Filled with assignments, charts, summaries, and inspirational quotes, this workbook is just what you need to boost the quality of your life. Onyx has written many effective procedure manuals for her clients, but this guide is a reflection of the steps she took to create a life filled with passion.

Today, Onyx has an amazing husband and three children. Formats Softcover. Book Details.

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Language : English. Format : Softcover. Dimensions : 5x8. Page Count : ISBN : Format : E-Book. About the Book. About the Author. Customer Reviews. Though that this is something different and this surely will be a great read. It was met with bitter denunciation by the Israeli government and many Palestinians, with the Palestinian Authority staying non-committal, but it was warmly welcomed by many European governments and some significant elements of the Bush Administration, including Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Yet another approach was proposed by a number of parties inside and outside Israel: a " binational solution " whereby Israel would formally annex the Palestinian territories but would make the Palestinian Arabs citizens in a unitary secular state. It was not actually a new idea, dating back as far as the s, but it was given extra prominence by the growing demographic issues raised by a rapidly expanding Arab population in Israel and the territories. Considering the huge political and demographic issues that it would raise, however, it seems an improbable solution to the problem.

The plan advocates the formal annexation of West Bank and Gaza by Israel and that Palestinians will be become either Jordanian citizens or permanent residents in Israel so long as they remained peaceful and law-abiding residents. All these actions should be done in agreement with Jordan and the Palestinian population. This solution is tied to the demographics of Jordan where it's claimed that Jordan is essentially already the Palestinian state, as it has so many Palestinian refugees and their descendants.

A common feature of all attempts to create a path which would lead to peace is the fact that more often than not promises to carry out "good will measures" were not carried out by both sides. The result is that both Israelis and Palestinians have grown weary of the process. Israelis point out the fact that the Gaza Strip is fully controlled by the Hamas who do not want peace with a Jewish state.

Furthermore, in the Israeli view, a violent overtake of the West Bank by the Hamas as a result of the creation of an unstable new state is likely. An attempt to change the rules was made by Condoleezza Rice and Tzipi Livni when they brought forth the concept of a shelf agreement. In theory this would allow negotiations until a "shelf agreement" defining peace would be obtained. Such an agreement would not entail implementation. It would just describe what peace is. It would stay on the shelf but eventually will guide the implementation.

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The difficulty with this notion is that it creates a dis-incentive for Israel to reach such an agreement. The lack of clarity about what happens after agreement is reached will result in insurmountable pressures on Abbas to demand immediate implementation. However, from the Israeli point of view, the Palestinians are not ready to create a stable state, such an implementation process will almost guarantee instability in the Palestinian areas with a possible Hamas takeover as happened in Gaza. As things stand now this brings the process to another impasse. To avoid it some definition of what happens after a shelf agreement is needed.

One possible idea by this essay is to agree ahead of time that following attainment of a final status agreement there will be a negotiated detailed and staged implementation agreement which would define a process which would allow the creation of a stable functional Palestinian state in stages and over time. Despite the long history of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, there are many people working on peaceful solutions that respect the rights of peoples on both sides.

In March , Japan proposed a plan for peace based on common economic development and effort, rather than on continuous wrangling over land. Both sides stated their support. It is mainly designed to foster efforts in the private sector, once governments provide the initial investment and facilities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Efforts to form a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian people. Primary concerns.

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Final borders Israeli settlements Jewish state. Zionist political violence. Secondary concerns. International brokers. Arab League Egypt Jordan. United Kingdom France. One-state solution : Isratin Elon Peace Plan. Hafrada Disengagement Realignment. Main article: Palestinian views on the peace process. Main article: Israeli views on the peace process.

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See also: History of the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. This section needs expansion with: Efforts with Egypt, Jordan, Syria post You can help by adding to it. September Recognition of Israel only. Recognition of both Israel and Palestinian State. Recognition of Palestinian State only. Part of this section is transcluded from Two-state solution.

Main article: Madrid Conference of Main article: Oslo Accords. Main article: Hebron Agreement. Main article: Wye River Memorandum. Main article: Camp David Summit.

Main article: Road map for peace. Main article: Direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians — See also: Palestinian militancy campaign. Main article: —14 Israeli—Palestinian peace talks.

Seven Steps to Creating Your Road Map to Success

Further information: Trump peace plan. Main article: Projects working for peace among Israelis and Palestinians. Palestinians use a total area of 5, square kilometers. Israel, however, omits the area known as No Man's Land 50 sq. Jeremy Pressman, International Security , vol 28, no. On [1]. See pp. Avraham Sela.

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  7. New York: Continuum, , p. Peace process: American diplomacy and the Arab-Israeli conflict since Accessible at Google Books. Al Jazeera English. Retrieved 21 June Jerusalem: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Retrieved 4 January It [Hamas] has been firing the new [longer-range] missiles at cities anyway. Hamas has also flatly rejected the principle of sparing civilians. According to a Hamas spokesman, 'All Israelis have now become legitimate targets. The Washington Post. The Guardian. Verbit, Mervin. Berman Jewish Policy Archive. The New York Review of Books.

    Retrieved 30 September Retrieved 19 March Retrieved Greenwood Publishing Group. The Cold War and the Middle East.