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Put positively, it was the first time the Beatles were free of the responsibility of being the Beatles. The irony is that no other album cemented them so firmly in the public's mind. Listened to with five decades of perspective, the most shocking aspect of the Velvet Underground's debut aren't its taboo-busting songs about hard drugs and hard sex, but the songs themselves. And sometimes the noise. Traces of the album that launched a thousand bands can be found in Reed's contemporaries like David Bowie and Iggy Pop, as well as successive generations of snotty aesthetes from proto-punks, punks, post-punks and art-rockers from Jonathan Richman and Patti Smith, to R.

For the album widely considered the first commercial LP to be composed of electronic music, musician Jean-Jacques Perrey's synthesizer prowess was harnessed by arranger Gershon Kingsley's pop sensibilities. They positioned themselves as nothing less than messengers from the future: "Here is the electronic 'Au Go Go' that might be heard soon from the juke boxes at the interplanetary way stations where spaceships make their rest stops," read the liner notes. As it turned out, they were right. Well, not about the spaceship rest stops, but about what giddy, playful compositions like "Electronic Can-Can" and "Computer In Love" presaged — namely, a future where Daft Punk and Dr.

Luke defined the parameters as much as any axe-wielding rocker, thanks to the Moog, the Ondioline and their digital descendants being just as likely to create chart-topping hits as guitars. Released in June , Frank Zappa's major-label debut was only rock's second double album Bob Dylan released Blonde on Blonde a month earlier but it set a higher bar for conceptual audacity.

Manual Pop and Daves Driving Days: Way Out West

A sardonic, satirical, weirdly entertaining predecessor to kitchen-sink productions such as Sgt. Pop parodies like "Wowie Zowie" may not necessarily stand the test of time, but Zappa's tribal frenzies and consumerist parodies hey there, "Weird Al" resonate still. P et Sounds' emotional ambiguities and rich arrangements brought a through-line of maturity to the adolescent fun, fun, fun of early rock.

The influence of Pet Sounds' huge palette of strings, horns, accordions, mandolins, vibraphones and harmonies could be heard almost instantly, not least via Beach Boys super-fan Paul McCartney, who said that "God Only Knows" spurred the Beatles' Sgt. A primo reference point for Radiohead, Nick Drake, My Bloody Valentine and anyone else looking to evoke the eternal teenage bedroom of the mind.

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  • The Beatles didn't stop touring till the summer of , but a year earlier, on Rubber Soul , you can hear them deciding to make the recording studio their home. The harmonies were trickier, the recording techniques more considered, and the instrumentation more varied as the band expanded upon the standard rock band format they'd established.


    Maybe the sitar stood out the most at the time, but dig all those pianos, often electronically tweaked, most notably to impersonate a harpsichord on "In My Life. You can say this represents "maturity," call it "art" or credit it for moving rock away from singles to album-length statements — but regardless Rubber Soul accelerated popular music's creative arms race, driving competitors like the Stones, the Beach Boys and Dylan to dismantle expectations and create new ones.

    Here is where white American kids got the notion they could play the blues. This Chicago quintet featured two stunning guitarists in Elvin Bishop and Mike Bloomfield — the latter, an early version of the skills-centric "guitar hero" model. Their debut album only reached Number on the Billboard charts but it has reverberated through the decades.

    Backed by Howlin' Wolf's rhythm section bassist Jerome Arnold and drummer Sam Lay , with Mark Naftalin on organ, Bloomfield played piercing runs against Bishop's driving rhythm, while Butterfield laid down storming harmonica and sang with authentic passion. Bloomfield played on Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited the same year the album was released, but his boundless talent was marred by years of drug addiction. He died of a cocaine overdose in Sure, Dylan could have invented "folk rock" if he wanted to, but he left the construction of lush, profitable acoustic-electric pop to inspired followers like the Byrds.

    This also meant the few snobs still slotting all that electric pop racket as kiddie music had to get hip. The lyrics on his fifth album seemed to garble every bit of language Dylan had ever read or heard or otherwise ingested — from French symbolism to beatnik jive to advertising slogans to bad jokes to Old Testament verses to blues usages — into a frenzy of effusion, its dynamic ingenuity more important than any literal meaning you could discern.

    Bringing It All Back Home wasn't great because it showed rock lyrics could be "poetry," it was great because it showed rock lyrics could be anything. Syd Nathan, the head of King Records, thought it was a lousy idea. So James personally financed the recording of this blazing half-hour set at the storied Harlem theater, and soon radio DJs were playing entire LP sides on the air. Had this historical document done nothing more than introduce the wider world to the majestic, violent grace of a James Brown live performance, that'd be plenty groundbreaking.

    But as Live at the Apollo crossed over to the pop charts, it convinced both artists and businessmen that black music could thrive commercially not by making concessions to genteel white tastes. In , Ray Charles had more to offer country music than country music had to offer Ray Charles. As the struggle for civil rights raged down South, this self-conscious exercise in integration reminded fans on either side of the racial divide of their common musical roots.

    Stolen Child

    Yet by embracing the new string-laden Nashville Sound rather than looking backward to the honky-tonks, Ray's fusion was as modern as the title promised, not just expanding the audience for country but expanding the idea of what country could be for future musicians. The album that launched "world music" in America and inspired an infinite number of parking lot and college lawn drum circles was created by Babatunde Olatunji, a Nigerian who moved to the United States in to attend college, and a cast of African-American singers and percussionists.

    And while Olatunji slipped below the radar during Afropop's s heyday, he opened the Grateful Dead's New Year's Eve show, introducing the Americas' most visible African-music presence to a new young audience. Dave Brubeck was an ambassadorial figure who spent a chunk of his career bringing jazz to the world on behalf of the U. State Department — a job that, in , sent him to Turkey, where he heard some of the alluringly lopsided rhythms that ended up here.

    In truth, Brubeck had been flirting with uncommon time for years, but it wasn't until Take Five that it became an organizing principle.

    The Making of a YouTube Radical

    In turn, he made something familiar seem exotic and raw: in this case, cool jazz by way of Eurasian folk. Suddenly Istanbul seemed a little less farther away, or California, a little more. The saxophonist would get much further out what's that piano doing here? One of Ornette Coleman's greatest insights was that sometimes the most avant-garde music is also the truest to its roots, that you can demolish traditional musical architecture without abandoning the sounds that made those traditions once feel so alive.

    The cohesive tone, overarching concept and wild popularity of Frank Sinatra's In the Wee Small Hours helped establish the emerging inch record format. The first Sinatra record specifically recorded to be a set of songs instead of a collection of singles helped solidify the idea of "album as a statement" — something we still adhere to in the digital age. After a healthy career singing charming, uptempo numbers for sweethearts of all ages, Sinatra decided to make an album so broken and lonely he couldn't even smile for the cover.

    Without it there is probably no Drake, no Smiths or any other artist who coped with their sadness by curling up on it like it was some kind of gigantic pillow. Certainly he'd recorded ballads before, but not in such concentration or such sustain, creating one of the first albums that understood the way some moods demand to be heard for more than three minutes at a time. A blueprint for modern folk music, Woody Guthrie's Dust Bowl Ballads introduced the idea of the songwriter as a personality of his own.

    The Oklahoma-born Guthrie pioneered music as reportage, offering details and pathos from the frontlines of an American disaster area. And though definitions of "frontlines" continues to mutate, Dust Bowl Ballads — both its wryness and its gravitas — defined the bard-on-the-scene responsibilities adhered to by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Bruce Springsteen, Public Enemy, the Clash and countless others.

    Five years ago we were driving through Missouri at night and saw this really neat gas station. Thank you for writing this article, we are planning a Route 66 trip now to revisit the gas station and see more! Hi Codi, Glad you figured out the name of the station by finding our photo!

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    Just let us know if you have any questions as you plan your Route 66 road trip. Has anyone worked out how much petrol you would use driving an RV? The Route 66 route if you generally follow our Route 66 itinerary with no significant detours is about 2, miles. For most of the route we estimate that the average speed would be between 45 and 50 MPH. So you can use that information to estimate a budget for petrol for your road trip. This can vary greatly by model. Two good places to look up current gasoline prices are Gas Buddy can also be used to lowest the lowest priced gasoline during your trip and Numbeo provides average price per liter of gasoline in many cities.

    Your fuel costs are obviously going to be much higher with an RV than with a compact car, but you should be able to save enough on lodging and food to save money or at least have about the same costs. Great article! It is really informative and do keep us posted with new updates. I truly loved reading all of your tips! Hi Tourist, Thanks, glad you enjoyed our Route 66 itinerary. We should have more Route 66 articles out in , so stay posted! We followed your Route 66 itinerary and had such a fantastic time with our family of 4.

    We hired a couple of local guides in a couple of the cities, got a couple of the recommended city passes in Chicago and LA, and did some walking tours which added to our experience.

    We loved all your suggestions and found this so very helpful in planning our itinerary in advance and while on the road. Just wanted to say a big tahnk you from the Tanner Family! Hi Michael, Thanks so much for taking the time to write about your Route 66 road trip, and glad you found our Route 66 itinerary and guide helpful during your family vacation! Yes, doing local activities and connecting with guides is always a great way to get more out of a trip — we love doing walking tours in larger cities and passes can definitely help save money in cities where you are doing a lot of sightseeing and attractions!

    These are some really great thoughts and info on Route 66… thank you very much for giving us such good information, its help people. I have been looking for your article for long time ago and finally found what I need here. I live in Chicago and appreciate your efforts! Hi Joe, Glad you found our article helpful on planning a Route 66 itinerary. Living in Chicago, you are definitely in the right spot to make this iconic drive!

    Jessica and Laurence, I am currently reading your article, but have a question.