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Bidang tersembunyi. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan. Dapatkan buku cetak. Belanja Buku di Google Play Jelajahi eBookstore terbesar di dunia dan baca lewat web, tablet, ponsel, atau ereader mulai hari ini. Lloyd W. As an urban anthropologist, pastor and teacher the author has lived for many years among the Zaramo.

Believe it or not: Witchcraft in Kenya – Voices of Africa

This revised doctoral thesis is an important and well documented study of the traditional healers in the urban setting. To many locals, a visit to a mganga is a much more satisfying experience than the fleeting consultations conceded to patients by physicians in the West.

Tanzanians say that Europeans have watches but Africans have time, and Dina listens patiently as you explain your ailments at great length. When night falls, and depending on her diagnosis, she covers your head with a black muslin and tells you to breathe in the fumes from her medicine, which is simmering in a metal bowl over a low coal fire. As you inhale, she and her assistants dance around you, shaking calabash maracas and chanting to summon out the evil spirits that have invaded your body.

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Then she takes you to a crossroads — such junctions have been an important site for witchcraft since pre-Christian times — and washes you with the medicine. Finally, having removed the demons, she invokes God and the ancestors to fill you with benevolent spirits. Discharged patients call her on her mobile phone to report on progress. Dina is told in dreams to turn to a page in the Bible she found on the hill. That page tells her where to find the roots, barks, plants, and bones hence the dead kingfishers that make her medicines so popular.

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A Muslim witch — Muslim sorcerers are thought to be especially powerful — was once reportedly refused a lift by a bus driver; his bus promptly nosedived into the lake. But the ancestors who were such an important part of animist beliefs have not gone away entirely.

M'Ganga's Curse

Dina tells my wife Ebru that the shivers she occasionally experiences even when not cold — Ebru had told her nothing of these — are a warning from her forebears that they are unhappy she has moved so far from home. The spell of witchcraft shows few signs of loosening its grip on Tanzania. In a country — and a continent — with weak institutions of government, witches and traditional healers fill a gap.

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Ukerewe has just two physicians, one ambulance and a single poorly-equipped hospital looking after a quarter of a million people, but it has two thousand traditional healers, scattered across the archipelago and within easy reach of most of its inhabitants. For many islanders, struggling to survive in a tough and inexplicable world, witchcraft offers more convincing answers than religion to the mysteries of life and death. Join our newsletter to get exclusives on where our correspondents travel, what they eat, where they stay. Free to sign up. Mark Hay investigates. A Conversation with.

The Final Journey. Suggested Reading. Hak Cipta. Before accepting a magazine job in New York, she decided to go to Africa for three months, visiting an island off the coast of Kenya where there were no cars and only the occasional phone; a place that seemed ideal for figuring out a life plan. The trip that was to last three months lasted two years. Much of the first year was spent on the aforementioned island, where she taught Moslem boys in a broken down school house with dirt floors and decided her life plan would involve writing fiction.

The country was experiencing a euphoric optimism about the future and Ms. Malarkey stayed on to teach English in the townships outside of Capetown while continuing to support herself with freelance magazine work. Because African countries were then penalizing those who stayed in South Africa longer than two months, Ms. Malarkey was denied re-entry to Kenya.

She did not return to the island for five years. Upon returning to America, she was admitted to the Iowa Writers Workshop where she began a novel for which she received a Michener Grant in She spent the next few years teaching and working on various literary projects between Portland and New York City, while at work on a second novel. She is at work on her third novel. Informasi bibliografi.

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