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Absolute Truth-Full Liar

The concluding remarks I made then are the basis of the present article.

The Unbelievable Truth

I thank Thomas Michael for polishing the English of a draft version of this paper. Answering such a question rests on a more or less subjective evaluation of many such messages. Common sense would give roughly the same type of recommendation as pragmatism theories 1 : the most important thing in interpreting a message is to identify its relevant context or the interaction in which it is spoken. Engaging these sorts of articulation, we should make the context of what we are saying clear to our listener and as a rule, we expect others to do the same.

Collective expectation is essential both in direct communication as well as in social life more broadly. This is what is evident in the following sentence reported and commented on by the German philosopher J. I told you a fairy tale, and you call it falsehood? Then, if the emotions expressed are somewhat ambiguous, they can, nevertheless, contain a modicum of sincerity.

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On the other hand, a person who lies should at the same time give his or her interlocutors the necessary signs to interpret what they are saying. But a subtle use of language can also make the evaluation of a message change, for language is much more than a tool of communication: it is a tool for mental operations in general:.

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As to French mensonge , it comes from Latin mentio mentire. He highlights the connotations of deception, cheating, and lying attached to the term hudaldaa and to the type of trading it denotes. And he rightly points to the kinship relation called hud , from which these terms are derived, in order to account for these depreciative connotations. Ethnographic data shows that this form itself is tainted with a touch of deceit.

Can we unravel why? Such immediate or direct forms of reciprocity create confidence and security, with every group being wife-giver and wife-taker with regard to one and the same partner: both are called by the same name in Buryat, anda Mongol and On the other hand, the delay in return exchange is also what creates the temporal interval within which negotiations can be carried out; the latter are conventional but private and may imply some lying as one among many forms of cunning that negotiations can entail.

For Smith, exchanging is necessarily delusive. Only the self-illusion that things could be better incites people to take part in producing wealth and participating in exchange, which allows the object of exchange to increase in value. Caroline Gerschlager initiated the conference to call into question mainstream economic theory. According to this theory, exchange does not take place unless both parties mutually gain from it, and therefore deception is regarded as something irrational that violates the rule of the market where exchange and deception seem to be mutually exclusive.

This is usually accounted for by the idea that maintaining relationships matters more than what is exchanged or communicated. Mauss develops a similar argument in The Gift : gifts are meant to appear voluntary and disinterested, but in fact they are obligatory and based on self-interest, and in all contracts each partner tries to gain more by giving less: exchanges and negotiations rest on persuasion, seduction, and possibly a touch of cheating. Such practices rely on the principle of substitution, whether they are called offerings, ransoms, sacrifices or something else. The most famous case of such ritual substitutions is seen in the Nuer sacrifice of a wild cucumber in place of an ox described by E.

Trickery and ruse seem to work particularly well as long as they are applied in relation with imaginary partners.

Absolute Truth - Full Liar

The obvious coupling of exchange with deception in ritual exchanges […] does not constitute a threat to the repetitive nature of exchange. He steals a herd of cows belonging to his elder brother Apollo by making them walk backwards so that their tracks lead Apollo in the wrong direction. Hermes finally becomes the protector of herdsmen and thieves, merchants and conjurers, roads, boundaries and travellers.

Odysseus, too, is a liar and a thief. If we examine these cases more carefully, we observe that the spiritual beings concerned are all of human origin or humanized. According to data from Siberian societies subsisting on hunting, substitution would be absolutely inconceivable with respect to the spirits of wild animal species hunted for food. In their view, this is not being disloyal; on the contrary, this is proving skill in the exchange of vital force with animal spirits, thought to be fair play.

Unless you make a commitment to stand in absolute truth, then you are part of the ebb and flow of polarity. Absolute truth is simple and direct. Making the commitment to stand in absolute truth is essential right now if spiritual seekers are to create a critical mass to shift the consciousness of the world.

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We are the advance guard of a spiritual revolution, helping to bring the planet into the new paradigm of heart consciousness. Naturalness is an attempt to get rid of the human element by requiring that a theory should not use assumptions that appear hand-picked. This led them to predict, for example, that protons should be able to decay.

Experiments have looked for this since the s, but so far nobody has seen a proton decay. Theorists also predicted that we should be able to detect dark matter particles, such as axions or weakly interacting massive particles WIMPs. But none have been found so far. How far can you push this programme before it becomes absurd?

Well, if you make a theory simpler and simpler it will eventually become unpredictive, because the theory no longer contains enough information to even carry through calculations.

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Except that theorists can now write papers about that large number of new universes. Beauty does not have a good track record as a guide for theory-development. And other theories that were once considered ugly have stood the test of time. When Kepler suggested that the planets move on ellipses rather than circles, that struck his contemporaries as too ugly to be true.

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And the physicist James Maxwell balked at his own theory involving electric and magnetic fields, because in his day the beauty standard involved gears and bolts. Nevertheless, those supposedly ugly ideas were correct. They are still in use today. And we no longer find them ugly. History has a second lesson. Even though beauty was arguably a strong personal motivator for many physicists, the problems that led to breakthroughs were not merely aesthetic misgivings — they were mathematical contradictions.

He then resolved the conflict between special relativity and Newtonian gravity, which gave him general relativity. Dirac later removed the disagreement between special relativity and quantum mechanics, which led to the development of the quantum field theories which we still use in particle physics today. The Higgs boson, too, was born out of need for logical consistency. Found at the LHC in , the Higgs boson is necessary to make the standard model work. But we knew that something new had to happen at the LHC, before it was even built.

This was reasoning built on solid mathematical ground.