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I was not the only person questioning this blasphemous treatment of children in this church. The director of the department earlier explained to me that volunteers were available to teach and it took most of their time, keeping security at a high level. It is definitely difficult to continue in this passion. As well, in addition to issues in any church over people being unconnected to their fellow-Christians, there are particular issues in particular church groupings.

For RCs, there are issues related to child sexual abuse in some contexts, as well as about people being excluded from receiving Communion at Mass in many more contexts. The sad thing about all of this, we feel we are alone. The saddest is that too many people are going through this alienation from church.

We expect this in the secular world, but are devastated and confused when it happens in the Christian community. God never gives up on us though, He will see us through this terrible time. Those attending a Christian church in America have dropped since the abortion and homosexuality topics of the late 80s became the prime battle cry of the Christian Right.

Hello From the Outside (How The Church Fails and Forgets Those Who Leave)

WOW, what are we as Christians doing wrong? I can tell you this, screaming about abortions and homosexuality has destroyed the Christian Church in America. I have been concerned about this problem for years. It is a feeling of coldness coming from the church. I also encourage churches to create a space for parents to gather and worship together and to find an advocate for those parents who can develop ways of making life easier for them.

This can be either an individual or a committee specifically assigned to that task if the situation calls for it. I don't know how many Adventist churches I have been to with substandard parenting rooms. Whether they are way too small, under resourced, isolated from the main service or difficult to enter and exit with a pram the message these rooms communicate is "you aren't that important to us". Churches, especially the older ones, need to prioritize a renovation budget and plan for their parents room and make it a space that nurtures the parents church experience rather than hinder it.

If a renovation is out of the scope of reality, there are still other things that can be done.

Why Churches Fail: Part I

The bottom line is this: Most local SDA churches don't have a lot of budget invested in the children's department and yet, these are the ages where kids are already cementing their decisions for Christ. For example:. In light of this, we need to invest way more in our kids ministry than we do anywhere else.

I don't know how many times my wife has said to me, "why do I even come to church? She either ends up sitting in the substandard parenting room or takes the kids to the car and sits there until I'm done preaching. Grant it, part of the problem is she doesn't always have my help because I have to preach. But I have spoken to many other parents who tell me the same thing. Some go to Sabbath school, and then leave right after because, whats the point of even trying to go to the main service?

At this point some people pipe up with the old, "If you don't take them, how will they learn to sit in church and behave? I have seen plenty of people come to church for the first time ever with their nine or ten year old kids, and the kids sit perfectly still. They had no practice or training whatsoever. But hey, they were so well behaved! Know why?

Building a church building? Here is a blueprint for a successful church building program.

Because they are old enough to sit still. This whole, "you need to drag your 3 year old into this horrendously boring experience every week and then get mad at them and tell them off for not doing something a 3 year old is not meant to do anyways so that they can learn to do it" is utter nonsense. The real problem is our church services are never designed with kids in mind. They are designed to meet the needs of adults who favor a verbal-logical learning style ignoring other learning styles such as visual, aural, physical and social.

As a result kids, as well as teens and youth, tend to get bored. But for me, the worst part is seeing young moms who are single and seeking God come to church and have to leave early because their kid threw a tantrum. So this isn't simply an inreach issue, its an outreach one as well. My suggestion is, we need to develop worship gatherings that can speak to every learning style and make life easy for parents with kids. How does theology shape church practice? Message: Some churches try to appeal to everyone, but end up appealing to no one. They offer no clear mission or message, no distinct identity, no statement of core beliefs and values — thus making it exceptionally difficult for seekers to know why they exist, what they stand for, or what they have to offer that will add value to their lives.

To articulate your message, ask: What is it about your church that people cannot live without?

Why Do Churches Fail in the First Four Years?

If you had forty seconds to describe your church to a stranger, would you be able to offer a clear and compelling message about your church that would provoke his or her interest to learn more? Pastoral: Many churches have a pastoral orientation, placing a high premium on ministering to members and putting low priority on mission, outreach and evangelism. They take pride in being warm and caring to members, but can act oblivious and unwelcoming to non-members. How well does your church balance pastoral care to members with mission, outreach and evangelism to non-members?

There you have it — 10 reasons churches fail to grow. The presence of even one of these reasons is enough to stunt growth and begin a downward spiral. The good news is that most churches, unless they are at a point of no return can reverse stagnation or decline and renew and grow.

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But there is a caveat: churches grow if they are willing to pay the price for growth, which means moving beyond our comfort zone, anticipating the future rather than ignoring it, taking initiative rather than remaining passive, moving from a traditional style of ministry to an entrepreneurial one, and having the unshakable hope that God is by no means through with the Anglican Church of Canada, but that the best is yet to come.

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