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Game Over, Man!

Caliborn lies there for a few seconds, in the proximity of some horses, how ironic, likely in shock.

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He then reaches for his mouse, which had apparently been forcibly removed from the desktop of the MSPA command station , and the Flash ends. This portion of the Flash begins with action shots of all of the characters, including Gamzee staring down an enraged Kanaya and Karkat, who quickly race at him over Jade's fallen house.

Karkat even manages to outrun Kanaya's "drinker fastness," presumably due to Blood aspect powers. He launches at Gamzee, who shoves Terezi aside. He then stabs Karkat in the circles of his Cancer symbol with one of Terezi's swords and shoves him into the lava, where he presumably burns to death. Terezi is shown to possibly be crying. At the same time, Aranea then launches Dirk's sword at a sleeping Jane, but Jake jumps in its path. As Dave begins to face off against Bec Noir and PM over Jade's quest bed, Aranea flings the now impaled Jake into Jane, with the end result of them both being mortally wounded.

Kanaya launches at Gamzee, cutting him vertically in half.

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The Condesce unleashes a massive psiioniic blast over the entire area of the fight. Aranea jumps out of the way, and Terezi is lucky enough to be knocked out of its path, but Kanaya is completely incinerated as Rose can only watch, horrified. His death is deemed Heroic.

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Jake and Jane's deaths, meanwhile, are respectively deemed Heroic and Just. All of these planets suffer significant damage.

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Rose flies at the Condesce in an attempt to attack her, as Terezi does the same to Aranea. Aranea makes Terezi impale herself with the other half of her cane sword she intended to use against Aranea, and throws her towards the far shore of the lava lake.

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The dig lasted for approximately three hours. Only a small number of games could be recovered, because the local authority of Alamogordo only allowed the dig to last for one day, and ordered the site to be closed by April Alamogordo mayor Susie Galea now hopes to turn the dig site into a tourist attraction. The film was released by Microsoft via its Xbox Video store on November 20, The A.

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IGN awarded it a score of 7. Eurogamer called it "one of the best films about gaming this year and should be seen by anyone with an interest in the medium's early wild west years. Headlines and Global News said "There are certainly worse ways to spend an hour, so if you want to absorb an intriguing slice of video game antiquity, check out "Atari: Game Over.

PC World awarded it a positive review, saying "the gaming industry deserves more warm, inclusive documentaries like this.

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