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Archie – Short Spider Stories For Early Years Kids

The shitty writing of this comic continued with its rushed ending, which saw Archie and Betty apologizing and hugging causing issues for the next comic with their significant others. Which perhaps make sense considering the faux Disney aspect of the writing. The Kindred are awake and hold the truth about the beginnings of humanity. I want this to be over and moved on. In this stand-alone tale, Batman seeks redemption as he tries to keep Gotham Girl from going down a dangerous path. It is not okay to bring this up out of nowhere and just accept it.

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The only part I really liked was Batman trying to help her grieve. He goes to Alfred and asks how he helped him with grieving his parents. The art style is okay. I really like these stories and I particularly enjoyed this one. Plus, all of the advertisements were at the end of the comic, as to not clog up the story. It was kind of cool.

She gets Boo for her birthday and all her friends are so distracted by the cute dog at her birthday party that they ignore her. This story is about Boo and his doggy friends trying to feed themselves since their Human is sick. Though in the end, she of course does get up to take care of them. It was a super cute read! But in a world of TMZ and paparazzi-driven media, somehow these women kept their private lives a secret from everyone — until now.

A full-access interview promises to show the tragic and terrifying origin story of Josie and the Pussycats. The first one told the story of Sabrina getting her punishment, while this one starts a new story line all together.

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I really like this comic series, and this issue in particular. This comic is a really good example of how to tell stories about existing characters in a new and interesting way without randomly shoving characters together and having them shovel all this story out via exposition. I really love the story of thes orphan girls growing up in the early s and becoming singers. It shows them being naive and paying the price for it. The set up is amazing, the explanation for how they can go unnoticed is wonderful, and how they lead up to being in Riverdale is fantastic.

One part in particular that I would recommend based on this alone is the fact that Valerie is almost kicked out multiple times because she is black, and how does she get vengeance for all this racist hate? She and the girls literally attack and kill multiple groups of the KKK. But after a tragic accident destroyed over half of his body, Victor was kept alive by merging flesh with advanced technology. Today he is the Justice League co-founder called Cyborg. This comic was amazing and I really loved it! The art style was absolutely great and paired perfectly with the story.

I think it was beautiful and I would recommend this comic on art style alone. I really like the characterization of his parents, especially with his father, who has an internal conflict of saving his son with alien technology and possibly losing his son personality wise.

It was something that really pulled at my heartstrings when I read it. At last, Nightwing and Raptor enact their endgame to shut down the Parliament of Owls permanently! But the Parliament has one last card up its sleeves: The Moloch, a giant owl monster whose mission is simple: eviscerate Nightwing and Raptor.

This comic was very much a character building relationship story between Raptor and Nightwing. The two are fighting side by side a lot of the time in this comic, saving innocent people, and even reveal that Raptor was part of the circus like Dick was. I really liked it, but I feel like the writer was not doing any real plot structure. The one part I really enjoyed about this comic is the building relationship between Dick and Bruce.

Welcome to the oldest & largest comic book store in central North Carolina!

Lucky for him, Princess Morbucks is hiring a personal assistant and is more than willing to have a superpowered magical unicorn in her employ. I really have been enjoying this comic series so far, but sadly, this comic is my least favorite so far. I hate the character Donny. What child is going to get that reference?

See a Problem?

I barely know the reference and I was born in He also mentions waffles constantly. What is with Cartoon Network shows referencing waffles so much? Princess is in the comic, but then at the beginning of the comic, the girls have after school jobs.

How old are they? What kind of mind does it take to baffle — and challenge — the peerless Sherlock Holmes?! The mystery deepens in the latest thrilling issue of the Sherlock manga! This comic really almost ignited my shipping heart again.

I use to heavily ship Johnlock and the scene of them at the restaurant is probably what started it. One of the benefits of having this medium is the fact that you get a panel seeing John leaving his cane behind. You could argue that this would ruin the surprise, but I found it very cute. I also really like showing the maps and streets of London so you could see where they would be going. The romantic rivalries and not-so-friendly competitions in Riverdale will finally come to an end as newly-crowned queen of Riverdale Veronica Lodge is sent packing once and for all!

What does this mean for Archie? This comic felt so rushed and short.

A strong friendship - Short story!

Every single bit. The fighting, the blowing over the election, Veronica leaving. I think this is so that way we can forget about all those little pesky story lines when the next issue is going to be about the arrival of Cheryl Blossom. Not gonna happen. Minor nit pick, but someone please teach Archie Comics how cellphone batteries work. Either Archie has the literal worst battery ever or the Archie comics needed to add more unnecessary tension.

The art style is not even something to really enjoy because it looks like something from an anime made not in Japan.

Spider Stories For Early Years | Kids Spider Story

New story! New arc! New creative team! And she never takes off that giant burger head! And she and Jughead really hit it off, probably for that very reason! From beginning to end, this comic is fun, and it kind of worried me a bit. Hopefully, it will be made up for next comic. Cyborg is thrown into conflict with every robotic threat to the DC Universe as a brand new era begins for Victor Stone, courtesy of writer John Semper Jr.

I really like this comic as well. One of the things I really liked is the fact that almost all the characters are black. They could have easily just made Victor and his folks black with everyone being white, but instead, they really take advantage of the Detroit setting. If this was fixed, it probably would have been my favorite comic this month. Diana brings Steve back home, but the reception is not what either of them expected. Amid suspicion and a looming threat, the Patrons pay a visit, and new friendships are forged.

What instead happen was I ended up feeling bad for Diana. I also really love the cover for this issue. The animals are the Gods visiting her and they really captured how happy she is to have things that understand her. As a huge storm approaches, Batman, Batwoman, and Nightwing try and prepare Gotham City for the worst, but nothing can prepare them for enormous tall monsters rampaging through the streets! Batman will need all of his allies to unite in order to stop these mad science monsters from tearing their city apart!