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Between and , he participated in a teachers' training program at the Zurich Polytechnic, where he met his lifelong friends Marcel Grossman and Michele Angelo Besso, as well as his first wife, Mileva Maric. Following the completion of his program in , Einstein went on to work as a teacher and tutor in a series of posts in Germany and Switzerland. He finally settled in Bern, Switzerland, in , where he received a job as a technical expert in a patent office. In Bern, Einstein married Mileva and the couple raised two sons together.

The year has been termed Einstein's annus mirabilis, or miracle year, because it was in this year that the scientist published three of his most important papers and completed most of the work for his doctoral degree, which he received in Einstein's papers dealt with quantum theory, Brownian motion, and special relativity. In subsequent years, he expanded his theory of special relativity to account for accelerating frames of reference, so that he could then theorize that the laws of physics including both mechanics and electrodynamics are the same for all observers in all frames of reference.

This theory, known as general relativity, was fully formulated by In , scientists verified general relativity through measurements taken during a solar eclipse, and Einstein was catapulted into a position of international prominence. However, while his relativity theory won him popular fame, it was his contributions to quantum theory that won Einstein a Nobel Prize in For most of Einstein's life, he worked as a university professor.

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He began at the University of Bern in , but also taught at Prague and Zurich before ultimately settling at the University of Berlin and the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Although Mileva and their sons initially lived in Berlin with Albert, the couple separated shortly thereafter and in obtained an official divorce. Einstein remarried that same year, to his cousin Elsa Lowenthal, and lived with her until her death in During the s and s, Einstein became increasingly active in politics and international affairs.

Albert Einstein: A Biography

He was a strong supporter of Zionism and traveled on a lecturing tour to the United States in to raise money on behalf of a new Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Einstein's Zionism was primarily cultural rather than nationalistic; he wanted to preserve the values of social justice and intellectual aspiration that he associated with the Jewish people. He was critical of nationalism and committed to the idea of a single world government without any need for armed forces.

Throughout the s, he participated in numerous peace campaigns and wrote articles on international peace and disarmament. Synonyms Synonyms English for "Albert Einstein":. English Einstein. Similar translations Similar translations for "Albert Einstein" in Italian.

Albert noun. Italian Alberto. Einstein noun. Italian Einstein.

The Meaning of Relativity by Albert Einstein

Context sentences Context sentences for "Albert Einstein" in Italian These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. More by bab. English alary alas alate alated alb albacore albatross albedo albedo feature albeit Albert Einstein albescent albinism albino albite album albumen albumin albuminate albuminoid albuminous In the Turkish-English dictionary you will find more translations. Hangman Hangman Fancy a game? Or learning new words is more your thing?