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How do the books tie in together?

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Can they be read as standalones? Readers report that your books are hard to put down. What are some tricks you use to keep the reader hooked throughout the book? Do reviews and reader feedback shape your work?

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Or do you feel like it's better to avoid the feedback—both positive and negative—so that it won't interfere with your vision? What are you working on right now? The working title is A Touch of Terror. Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you? This deal has ended but you can read more about the book here.

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She is now exploring a fictional small town called Harper's Corner. This series is so fun, because there are… Read more.

He has seen his target and means to skin her like the others. LeRoy—Author of Street Crimes. I n the world of serial killer hunters, Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels is a legend and well known in every cop shop in America.

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But when one gruesomely posed body after another are discovered in the middle of Chicago, ambitious politicians and an aggressive press are threatening to derail Jack's investigation. And with her partner Herb on an extended second honeymoon in Mexico, it doesn't look like help is on the horizon. Then a friend from California, P. Jillian Varela, shows up on a job that parallels Jack's case. Together they pursue the killer into a nightmare world of obsession, torture, and murder where no one may survive. Burning houses for profit has become boring, and he's looking for a way to spice things up—by heating things up for Childress and his allies.

E dward Tibbs is murdered in a Chicago Federal Prison. Now is kin want revenge. Ferguson Falls, a nice little bucolic town nestled in the Adirondack region of New York State home to a meat packing plant that processes specialty meat—human meat. Jack Daniels and OzValt Grant face the entire town of savages.

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There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Tibbs intendeds to kill every cop responsible for his brother's death. Blood flows through these pages like never before. Ferguson Falls is hell but for now it's been closed down. Martin Tibbs is on the run but like all wild animals that are hunted he is deadly. The town of Ferguson Falls is closed for now.

A Touch Of Tequila A Nick Bracco Jack Daniels Thriller

W hat you hold in your hands is a remarkable trilogy. Former Chicago Homicide lieutenant Jack Daniels is drawn into a bloody horror fest when a serial cop killer, Edward Tibbs enters Chicago bent on murder. Cops were killed in his backyard. His partner Jim Conrad is in critical condition because of the psycho Edward Tibbs. Edward Tibbs is murdered in a Chicago Federal Prison.

H e nearly died five years ago. Many others did.

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FDA agent Dr. Bill May didn't think he'd ever see anything more dangerous than N-Som, the pill that replaced sleep He was wrong. The substance codenamed CR is meant as a painless replacement for vasectomies. It's perfect. The perfect weapon for an eco-terrorist who'd like to sterilize the human race. Once again, Dr.

Bill May holds the fate of billions in his hands. This time, he has help from Homeland Security Agent Steve Columbia, the only person who believes the threat is real.

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  5. Enough CR has been stolen to bring about the extinction of humankind. If they don't stop the eco-terrorists in time, our time on this planet will be at its end. Now she has Jack reluctantly heading to San Francisco in an effort to solve the murder of a drag queen superstar. Teamed up with a tough-as-nails local P.

    But what her mom didn't tell her was that she'd be helping a Mafia don with a long list of enemies. As the bodies begin to stack up, it becomes obvious that her mom's 'simple job' has turned into something both dangerous and deadly. I t seems like an open-and-shut case: a money launderer using a laundromat to clean up his mess. Impatient to get out of the clothes she's lived in for days, Jack's ready to strip down and wash her dirty laundry with the dirty money, but when she bursts into the laundromat she sets off a chain of events that leads to the slaughter of an entire family, a house going up in flames with Herb inside it, and her own abduction.

    Jack finds herself inside an abandoned factory with another abductee, widowed insurance investigator Eric Strug. Eric has no clue why he was grabbed and is terrified because his five-year-old son is missing. Despite the circumstances, an undeniable heat grows between the two captives, so they put their heads—and bodies—together to fend off attackers and unravel the mystery behind the unexpected crimes.

    T wo men are dead and it's Lieutenant Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels' fault.