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This has been a growing trend since the late s. The number of kids being raised by mostly single moms has more than doubled between and Yet despite growing up in the middle of this trend, in the s and '80s, when divorce was increasingly common and "Kramer vs.

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Kramer" felt like the documentary of our childhood, and despite being part of a generation of latchkey kids who came home from school while parents were still at work, I was, I confess, embarrassed to be raised by a single mom when I was growing up. For the majority of my 12 years of Catholic school, I was the only student who lived with one parent. And for that reason, I was also, demonstratively, the poorest kid in my school. We lived off one paycheck, or paychecks when my mom held multiple jobs at once. The modest child support went to school tuition.

Like most kids, I didn't want to be different.

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I wanted to be "normal. I was embarrassed by our car, which broke down; embarrassed that we didn't seem to go anywhere for vacation; that I didn't have brand-name clothes thank God for school uniforms that greatly leveled the playing field ; or video games; or cable TV; or anything else that my classmates had. I was embarrassed that my dad, who lived in a neighboring state, never came to any school events.

And I was teased for it. I got into a lot of fights. When the principal's office called home because I got into it with another kid, it was always my mom who had to come in. A guide to raising good men, by my mom. Of course, my mother, like all parents, only added to that embarrassment. She was, and still is, artistically inclined and health-conscious. We went to museums and art stores instead of amusement parks and toy stores.

I went to a summer camp run by cloistered monks My mom performed in community theater and sometimes roped me into bit parts. We went to clown school At Christmas, I often got books and clothes.

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And my mom shopped for groceries at health food stores, which was much more unusual back then and involved a lot of bulk foods, homegrown sprouts and warm, freshly ground peanut butter. Prioritizing a strong, healthy relationship over punishment creates an environment where your children feel safe, secure, and loved. Read more about connection here. There is a lot of whining and complaining in the Bible. He listens. He is patient.

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Sounds very similar to parenting children today. The meltdowns, the tantrums, the arguments. While we will never have a perfect, God-sized self-control, we can attempt to model our responses after God. Rather than reacting out of anger, we can focus on listening, being slow to anger, and pausing to think before we respond.

Read more about calm parenting here. When people use the rod the goal is to inflict pain, not guidance. God encourages parents to be active participants in this teaching process. We see examples of His guidance to people throughout the Bible.

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Instead, you can look for opportunities to talk, teach, model, practice, and guide your children through difficult situations. Read more about discipline here. Many parents have been told that an extra spanking, an extended grounding, or another parent-created consequence will solve the problem.

Unfortunately, the behavior usually returns sometimes the same day!

Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Five Alternatives to Spanking for Christian Parents It is vital that we, as Christian parents, learn to be self controlled and raise our children in a home of godly peace, in order to honor Christ in our homes. He provides the needs of his family. No other teacher can affect a child as much as their parents.

A Christian father not only meets the physical needs of his family, but also the emotional needs of his family as well. The family turns to him as a support in all areas of need and he provides as best he can. A Christian father loves and respects his wife. He serves as an example to his children of what a loving relationship looks like so that they may also reflect it in their lives, particularly when it comes to their marriages.

When a man enters into a covenant relationship with his bride, he commits to the responsibilities of loving, honoring and cherishing her.

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The strength a Christian husband needs in order to carry out these responsibilities flows out of his relationship with God. A Christian father should ask God to empower him so that they can give their children not just an inheritance, but a heritage.

Focus on the Family Parenting includes the following programs:

They ultimately give their wife what she needs most — to be loved, honored and cherished. A Christian father should be a good communicator, not only communicating biblical principles to their children, but also being a careful listener. Instead of being a reaction waiting to happen, they have the ability to listen calmly without being judgmental.