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‘Buffy’ Should Have Been Set in the Virgin Islands

More than that, as it turns out. As Deborah Moon noted in a profile in Oregon Jewish Life magazine, Slader spent a career as an attorney, including time in the s as a public defender representing child-abuse victims in juvenile court.

Later he represented victims of sexually abusive priests in some landmark cases that led the Portland Archdiocese to file for bankruptcy protection. The tattoos on the chest of Domeka Parker, artistic director of The Deep End improvisational theater, mark her route through cancer and chemotherapy and double mastectomy. Carey has been a theater photographer in Portland for decades, equally adept at capturing the dramatic movements of a group of actors onstage and, in his professional headshots for performers, the dramatic range and possibilities within them.

Photos: Owen Carey. Salim Sanchez engages the viewer with a speculative gaze: strings of beads hang from his neck and offer a target for the long lean archer seared onto his muscular shoulder. Daniel Steward presents as an illustrated novel to be read head to toe. Gwyn LaRee, peers from behind the ornate plumage of a feathered mask in colors that match the engravings on her skin.

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Tennant is a subversive, mischievous, captivating, liberating figure, leaping joyously into the air or, in one black-and-white sequence, emulating an Eadweard Muybridge running horse. Life and art mixed easily and pointedly during the evening, which was about, after all, life and experience and the visual telling of life stories. At the rear of the back gallery, standing next to the wall with a handful of newspapers, was another Street Roots vendor, Aileen McPherson, who happened to have a poem, titled Rains, Before and Now , on Page 6 of the edition with the cover story on the Gallery exhibit.

In one portrait Parker is quietly formidable and strikingly theatrical, wearing a fur cap straight out of Siberia. Carey was standing nearby, and I asked him, did you have her jump to create that effect? He found the image more interesting and perceptive, he said, turned, as it were, on its head. Not really. I find this apt and comforting. A little taste, a door opened, a new perception, a new possibility. Oregon ArtsWatch. Domeka Parker.

Next Previous. Again, technology creates the future. The Swiss artist Jean Tinguely began collecting abandoned rusty machinery and fashioning machinery which drew, painted, produced sound and sometimes self-destructed. Some of the machines were grouped into installations which school children could activate. Today there is a Tinguely Museum in Basel, Switzerland. During this decade, San Francisco had begun its deleterious shift from a manufacturing economy to a service, design and marketing economy, as labor began to be exported overseas by unpatriotic corporations and CEOs. The result was that literally dozens of light machine shops and small factories were abandoned almost overnight, their contents left to attract dust and rust.

Sensing that this machinery could be used to make art, the can-do young American mechanical engineers in SRL began breaking in and carting off this detritus. General Hospital microsurgery unit two blocks away. After various toes were grafted on, the bloody stump was restored to a level of usability. Respectability does not so much beckon as envelop! Years passed. More and more art machines were designed, engineered and deployed in huge live art performances and installations.

Robotics and drone-guidance technology became incorporated. SRL began giving shows all over the world. More and more SRL individuals developed their talents, skills, and then broke off to create their own opuses of work. Matt Heckert had created dozens of very strange musical soundtracks from the myriad records he discovered in his travels.

Heckert, a musician in the Punk band Pink Section and other bands , began to fuse his talent for engineering with his love for music. Subsequently he invented a number of interactive music-and-noise generating art-machines, to be used in installations, exhibitions, and also in live performances of his mechanical orchestra. Kal Spelletich, in his voyages all over the world one of his favorite experiences was visiting Africa, as well as India , has created a number of interactive machine-art installations, performances, exhibits, and even food-and-art machines many grateful art lovers have eaten his delicious sausages worldwide; sometimes experiencing intense art makes one very hungry.

Your Guide To Tattoos And Piercings In Hong Kong

Some of his interactive art machines have been used to educate and inspire young audiences composed of grade school and high school students. Adults have been enlivened by his cocktail-making robotics shaken, not stirred. Both are iconcolastic spirits who have harnessed their rebellious impulses in the service of transgressive yet illuminating creativity: inventing art machines and installations which radiate rhizomatic puzzlement, suggest unexpected affinities, and activate hopefully reverberating radicalization. Both Matt Heckert and Kal Spelletich have used technology to suggest futures which will not be circumscribed by fascistic functionality.

Both are engaged in the great project of imagining into existence new modes of interactivity, new modes of being, new modes of transcending a future imprisoned by banal borderlines of conceptuality. Their machine fusions of art with technology are creating new anthropological-mythological enigmas to be decoded by future generations of art historians.

So, enjoy them now! Order Now! If you missed this last month, you have another chance to learn about this underground comic artist, who recently departed earth. Sat March 30, 7pm. Mon April 1, Noon.

Your Ultimate Christmas Dining In Guide 12222

Sponsored by the First Church of the Last Laugh, this modern update of the medieval Feast of Fools leads its many costumed followers to the Stations of Stupid. Gather the pennies from the desk drawer and couch cushions to toss at the Bankers Heart. Come find out why. Sat-Sun, all of April. Also, see photo of William S.

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B: We like Galaxxy Chamber. Thur Apr 11, 8pm.


Mickey McGowan may be there! Thur April 18, pm—8pm. Sun April 21, 11—4pm. Only 40 seats for this rare, very strange, possibly over-the-top event — Japanophiles take note! If you wish to attend please email Vale at info researchpubs. Japan had massive attack tunami and earthquake and atomic power plant blow up our mind about 2 years ago. This is my kind of timing to use the japan facts and my music art working progression to over seas. This promises definitely to be a fun, weird, memorable evening! Support HIDE — hands across the sea! Bonus disc included. Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher were just here!

Watch for a forthcoming Counter Culture Hour episode with them! Does anyone want to write in about any of their events they had here and in NYC in March? Please do! Patti Age Since the Google folks are so smart, how can they rationalize all the negatives?

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If it was just a few geeks with homemade versions of these, they would be run out of town. Hormones convey information to the different parts of our system, and too much of them confuses our biology. Here again, as with news received at too high a frequency, too much information becomes harmful — daily news and sugar confuse our system in the same manner.

The Table of Contents of J. The Riot. The Resistance Movement. Snakes and Ladders. Accidents and Emergencies. The Beach at the Holiday Inn. Street People. A Hard Night. Neon Palaces. Towards a Willed Madness. The Prisoner in the Tower. The Bomb Attack. The Geometry of the Crowd. A Failed Revolution.

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